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Transition – The Story of How I Became a Man

One of many trans-men autobiographies. At the beginning it goes back and forth in time anticipating some of what will come next. It doesn’t leave a sign for style or content and it pictures the path to transition of someone who at least had means to afford it, nonetheless it’s another element for the constant hunger of news, information and direct experience of many trans-people, so redundancy is welcome.


A world light years from here

I managed to tee a documentary from BBC Three – Sam and Evan: From Girls to Men ( and I suddenly realized what it means “public service” and national televA

A documentary that makes people think and that may help trans teens.

No judgment but a story, simply narrated by the people who are living it.

Something that will never happen in this country. It will never be the national TV service to broadcast such a story in a time different from late at night, because children and teens might be hurt or influenced.

Gays have no place in public tv, imagine transpeople.


The story itself narrates the difficulties of two teen transmen, their lives, their ambitions, their emotions. Simply.

I would be glad to pay for a television which is of service, but that’s not the case in my country.