2012 is coming…..shall I miss 2011?

This time last year I was at Home (Home Is Where The Heart Is as commonly and widely stated) happy for a permanent position and getting ready for “the big messy day”, the day we were getting married.

The end of the year was fussy, messy and full of anxiety but those two weeks up north were calming, happy and elating…..

Now, a year after, this end of year is almost subdued, sort of quiet. The end of a not so exalting year and the beginning of ….. the beginning of something yet to be known, yet to be met… something different and new…announced only by a long wait.

We’ll face what will come… yet…

While I think about it….

Happy new year.



About asdrubale

Two brains, four hands, some crazy ideas, eight eyes, plenty of curls, one long and thin oriental plait, three and a half knees, two cheshire cats................

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